What’s Pink Eye?Untitled

Pink eye may be due to an inflammation of the outermost layer of the eye, although a number of conditions can make the eye look pink or red. A physician’s counsel should be sought in order to rule out any serious causes. Pink eye can occur in adults, but most often occurs in young children, who are more vulnerable. >>>

What are PinkEye Relief® Eye Drops?

PinkEye Relief® Eye Drops
 are homeopathic eye drops providing temporary relief for symptoms such as redness, burning, watering, inflammation, sensation of grittiness, and overnight crusting in the eyes. PinkEye Relief® drops are safe and gentle to use with no side effects, interactions with other medications, or contraindications.

How does PinkEye Relief® really work?

herbal_imgPinkEye Relief® Eye Drops are naturally homeopathic. Naturally meaning it is optimally comprised with our patented formulation using 5 specific active ingredients or “elements of nature”. Our specific formula uses elements that have been used for hundreds of years, but only our formula uses this formulation. Here are some descriptions of our elements and a little bit about them:

  • Aconite — for inflammation and redness for your sore, tired, and over-worked eyes.
  • Apis — for red, burning, swollen eyes that feel better with cold applications.
  • Argentum Nitricum — for red, swollen eyes with puss-like discharge and splintering pains.
  • Euphrasia — for pink eyes with watery tears that burn the face and may become a thick discharge. Despite the production of watery tears, the individual may complain of a dry, gritty sensation in the eyes.
  • Natrum Arsenicicum — for pink eyes with crusting, grittiness and/or overnight yellow green discharge and itchy eyes that may accompany or immediately follow a cold. The eyelids tend to stick together, and symptoms generally improve with cold compresses too.